Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Right Place, Right Space for my Photograph

I had a great weekend at ‘Right Place, Right Space?’ at the Plastic House. The exhibition was a huge success, the house was busy with visitors all weekend and it was a brilliant showcase both for the architect Maxime Laroussi and all the artists.

David Folan's chicken's in the bathroom of the Plastic House

I had a few logistical problems hanging my photograph on the Friday as it was so high up on the upper floor. It took 4 hours and a fruitless trip to try hire a last minute platform before the great engineering minds around me came up with a solution. It took 4 sets of hand to hang it in the end so a huge thank you to everyone involved!

John Graham and myself hanging my photograph. Photo courtesy of Gregory Dunn.

With the photograph finally in place I could enjoy the exhibition and the architecture. It was a beautiful sunny, relaxed weekend. The space is beautiful. I felt like I was inside a sculpture with light pouring in and bouncing off clean white walls. And with the exhibition in place there was something of interest in every corner. It was everything that makes me excited about art & architecture.

John Murnaghan's hypnotising sculpture with Aoife Desmond's work in the background.

I was delighted to see my photograph hanging in the house, it looked like it could have been made in the space. I really liked how seeing the photograph in such a similar space causes the viewer to look again and eng
age with the architecture. I have been thinking about this for a while now and seeing the photograph in the house confirmed how successful a photograph can be in prompting people to engage with architecture. And a measure of that success is that the owner of the house liked the photo in the space so much that he bought it! I am really happy knowing that it will hang in a space that is so perfect for it.

My photograph, Untitled [o'f16], in its new home under the skylight.

I want to thank Architecture Republic for organising the exhibition, my fellow artists, the man with the
engineers mind & the owner of the house for making it such an enjoyable experience.

And finally, there was alot of press coverage over the weekend. RTÉ featured the house & exhibition on Saturday’s Six One News, so if you didn’t make it to the exhibition you can still check it out on the RTÉ player. Jump to 19:51. (The video is available to watch until Sat 4th September) And it was also featured in the Irish Times on Friday 27th August.

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