Monday, October 4, 2010

Describing Architecture

The Architectural Association of Ireland is presenting an exhibition of work describing architecture, during Open House Dublin 2010. The exhibition explore the various forms of representation used to describe buildings, in the design process, during construction or after completion.

Although most of the work in the exhibition is by architects of the AAI, I am delighted to say one of my photographs is to be included. As you know my work is all about understanding the physical space we inhabit using photography and a huge part of that is describing architecture. The photograph that I have submitted is a diptych describing the architecture of MACBA, the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. It is a new piece, and it is the first time it will be shown. I would like to thank Antóin Doyle from the AAI for all his help getting my photograph to the gallery.

Untitled [macba #1], Lamda print on diabond,
69.6cm x22.49cm, Roseanne Lynch 2010

'Describing Architecture' will be held in the Daylight Gallery, a new temporary space at the Ormond Building, Ormond Quay, Dublin 7, across the river from the Dublin City Council Civic Offices. The opening night is 6.30pm on Wednesday 6th and it runs from 12pm - 5pm daily from Thurday 7th to Sunday 10th October.

And finally if you're in Dublin this weekend you should check out some of the great events of Open House Dublin 2010.

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