Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paris Workshop

Looking through a 10"x8" camera in Paris

From June 10th - 12th I was in Paris taking part in a Vision & Technique workshop led by Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee. We were introduced to a 10" x 8" camera and learned to process by inspection. It was easy to appreciate the beautiful quality of the contacts you get from negtives that size in the perfect surroundings of Paris in June.

Michael and Paula are so generous with the knowledge they have acquired from a lifetime of technical precision in large and ultra-large format - Michael's camera of choice is a 20"x8" camera. The gift of having access to this kind of practical knowledge will feed directly into my work. My sketchbook is already very busy.

When Michael heard that I'm going to New York this summer, he even drew a map to explain how the streets are arranged and the locations of the major art galleries & museums, and it was such a lovely drawing that he signed it!!! So now I'm all set for my next big adventure this year!

L-R: Workshop participant Herve Dufoort, Paula Chamlee and Michael A. Smith

Looking through a 10"x8" camera in Paris

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