Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Guesthouse Encounter

I was invited to take part in a residency in The Guesthouse by Stephen McGlynn. The Guesthouse in Shandon, Cork is a visual artist- led initiative that creates a place for artists to meet, exchange ideas and produce work. They run a program of public events, residencies and activities. Stephen McGlynn is currently running a residency program called World's End. He sees the Guesthouse as a place where people who's lives intertwine, if only fleetingly, converge for a short respite. He has invited various different people & groups from his community to avail of this opportunity and use the space as they wish to co-ordinate an event, or present a work in progress, or engage with new areas of exploration.

My 10 day residency started on Sunday when myself and Padraig Spillane, the Stag part of the curatorial team Stag and Deer, unloaded two piles of books into the upstairs apartment, which has become the 'reading room'. I am spending this time exploring ideas around my understanding of the philosophy of phenomenology, and working on an installation using a 16"x12" camera.

Interestingly, the fire alarm became faulty and was going continually Monday and Tuesday, so I retreated to the apartment, the only place where I couldn't hear the siren, and spent the time reading, working on my sketchbook, drinking good coffee, listening to the Shandon bells and reading some more. I've mostly been reading the writings of Lee Ufan. I spent a beautiful afternoon at his show in the Guggenheim in New York this summer. I always find it interesting when an outside force dictates the course of an action like this, and I like a bit of serendipity. So be it. I love the reading. On Wednesday calm returned. I've also been enjoying the conversations I've been able to have with Padraig.

If you're in Cork this weekend I'd like to invite you to Encounter - Sunday lunch at 3pm this Sunday September 18th at the Guesthouse, 10 Chapel Street, Shandon. Its an informal opportunity for you to meet myself and Padraig, see the Guesthouse, experience the installation & meet others. All are welcome.

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