Friday, March 9, 2012

Hidden Meanings

Untitled [som], 2011 © Roseanne Lynch

Three pieces from my Place series of work have travelled halfway across the world to China as part of the exhibition 'Hidden Meanings' at the Yan Chao Collection Gallery in Beijing, curated by Fion Gunn in association with You Yanzi. 'Hidden Meanings' is one exhibition in a series of visual art events celebrating Ireland's presence in China called Irish Wave 2012.

'Hidden Meanings' looks at landscape in the context of culture and memory. ‘Landscape art’ has come to mean many things. In the past it was a term used to describe art that recorded and interpreted the natural environment; indeed long before the passion for landscape art was discovered in Europe it had an ancient and illustrious history amongst the literati in China.

In the global 21st century landscape itself means many things and to increasing numbers of the world’s inhabitants. It means the environment of cities, the backdrop of industry and the internalised map of a world which we carry inside our heads. Our personal landscape is often the map of underground trains, the route of our buses, the view from a car and the passageways of apartment blocks. The artists in this exhibition explore their own environments and investigate their significance on a personal and a social level.

Location of Yan Chao Gallery, Beijing

'Hidden Meanings' is open 4-6pm from today, March 9th at the Yan Chao Collection Gallery, Guomao, Beijing, China.

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