Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Document at Fotogalerie Objectief

Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede.

Enschede, in eastern Holland, is a historic university town with a strong connection to the arts.

The exhibition, Document, is a solo show of my work at FotoGalerie Objectief at the invitation of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Enschede (AKI). The gallery space fits the work beautifully, allowing for quiet contemplative viewer engagement, exactly as the work was intended to be seen.

Document on the walls of Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede

The exhibition was opened by Anke Weeda, the new Dean of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, who gave a wonderful, well researched speech.

The opening night gave me a wonderful opportunity to chat to students as well as local people.

I was delighted to meet photographer Hans Bol at the opening. We have had some conversations by email so it was great to speak to him in person. I also met Martha Haveman and Karel Betman of Galerie Beeld & Aambeeld at the opening and was invited to meet them in their gallery the morning before I left. They have lots of Irish connections as they work closely with the Crafts Council of Ireland, Kilkenny design and they represent the Cork artist Billy Foley.

Opening of Document at Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede

A huge thanks to the gallery committee, the Dean and staff at ArtEZ/AKI, and especially Marcel Vos, from their photography dept, who invited me to have the show, co-ordinated it all, and hung the show with me (well he did all the hard work and I encouraged him!) Thank you also to Culture Ireland for supporting this exhibition.

Document continues at Fotogalarie Objectief, Enschede until 28th April 2012.

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