Saturday, November 10, 2012


Show 3, © Roseanne Lynch 2012

On Monday we took down Show.

The satisfying feeling of relief. It is done. It has happened.

A few days after the opening, as I was taking installation shots, I was struck by how the space did not feel like mine anymore.  The work was a very personal response to the site. I lived and talked inside my head and on the pages of my sketchbook for the duration of the making of the work. But as soon as I handed it over and opened the doors it became yours, not mine. I did not expect to feel so distant from it.

Another unexpected happening was the effect on the surface of Show 1, the first piece inside the door to the left. Approaching it from inside the space, the image became immaterial and the vinyl material and it’s light reflecting quality became the thing, linking it to the metal piece, Show 2, which had no image printed on it.

Yet another delight was while taking down Show 1, as Pam and I peeled the image off the wall, it became something else again, a form moulded by light, not an image.

Show 1, © Roseanne Lynch 2012

Show 2, © Roseanne Lynch 2012

A word about the opening.
It was a blast, the fact that I was voiceless for 3 days after it explains alot.
I am so grateful to Mark St John Ellis of Nag, New Art Gallery, 59 Francis Street, Dublin, for preforming the opening and entertaining us with his informed speech. I like being in the same sentence as John Cage.
Thank you to family, friends, colleagues and students who made it all so enjoyable, and to the brilliant curatorial duo, Stag and Deer, Pádraig Spillane and Pamela Condell. The event that was THERE THERE was their inspiration and they brought an amazing series of exhibitions to Cork.

 Official opening of Show by Roseanne Lynch & 
The Yellow River by Zhang Kechun, © Jedrzej Niezgoda 2012

 Stag & Deer aka Pádraig Spillane & Pamela Condell 
address the audience, © Jedrzej Niezgoda 2012

Mark St. John Ellis' opening speech, © Jedrzej Niezgoda 2012

Visitors contemplate the work © Jedrzej Niezgoda 2012

And now....... Show has occupied my mind since May of this year and now, having had a deep breath, I am so looking forward to getting back to the pages of my sketchbook that are paper clipped together. They have my ‘other ideas for work’ and I had secured them closed so as not to distract me until I could give them time. 

This is the fourth and final post in a series on the process of creating a site responsive exhibition Show at the Copley Street School of Architecture for There, There, a photographic event curated by Stag & Deer in Cork this October. You can see the other posts in the series here and here and here.

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