Monday, June 24, 2013

matter is my solo show at nag, where I am one of the gallery artists. Over the last year gallery director Mark St John Ellis has taken my work to Photissima in Venice, Vue comtemporary art fair at the RHA, and has included me in his two off site events at Chapter one restaurant and a private home in WIcklow. 

When he offers the space for a solo show, direction and content is left entirely to the artist, and for this opportunity I wanted to make new work that is a further exploration into light as material, and how the nag space could work with what is a coming together of different scales, and methods of presentation. I use scale to invite the viewer to peer in closer, and step back, and by using their physicality to negotiate the work, to become more aware of their own presence in the space.
matter preview 6pm 27th June 2013.
runs 28th June-4th July and 18th July-1st August.
Gallery open Wednesday-Friday 10.30-5pm, Saturday 11-5pm.
Basement, 59 Francis Street, Dublin 8

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