Sunday, January 5, 2014

AIARG annual conference, Belfast January 2014

In November 2013 I attended a one day symposium "Constructing the view" at The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. "A day of conversations between photographers, architects and theorists exploring the ways in which photography may be used not just in recording built space, but also in its conception, design, evaluation and investigation." It was brilliantly inspiring and reaffirming as to the context in which I make my work. 
I was at home in this conversation between photography and architecture. The esteemed participants talked about, amongst other things, how we relate to a space, the idea of a photographer constructing a reading of a space, and the notion of paying attention. The day's conversations led me to thinking alot about the making of my own work and about what compels me to make the work I do. My investigation of space and place. It was a relief to be listening to others who are awake to experiencing the world in a similar way that I do. Very exciting.
And now I have been asked to present as part of a follow up panel, at the upcoming All Ireland Architecture Research Group annual conference in Belfast. I am very grateful, a lovely start to the year!

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